PumpSet Single with Transmitter control


Two new series of single PumpSet´s is available in Stainless Steel. All equipped with a transmitter. Start/Stop is achieved by the Grundfos Stop-Function.

Medium pressure / 25 bar cleaning.   EU compliance:  IE5

Pressurized water supply series:  30-60-125-210-270 L/min

Water supply from...

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NEW ScanFoam Hose, 1/2


NEW ScanFoam hose –
makes cleaning extremely quick and efficient!ScanFoam introduces the perfect hose for an extremely quick and efficient cleaning of food stuffs production.A more effective cleaning secures a greater degree of food safety. 

In a better quality at a far lower price!


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PumpSet´s Freq. Double


PumpSet´s FreQ. Double

A new series of Double PumpSet´s with Grundfos Frequency controlled pumps.

Automatic Start/Stop controlled by the Grundfos STOP-Function.


Bigger systems

Bigger systems is also available with 3-6 pumps pr unit.

25 bar systems and 40 bar systems...

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For smaller places. Sat Center 60 L/min


Satellite Center 20-60A new Satellite Center 20-60, item no: 88740 is developed for smaller places. One operator connected directly to the unit and one more if  extended with an optional Injector. Eg. the Injector 88000 for 1 procuct or the 88102 for 2 products.

It´s family is the Sat.Center...

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Mobile Cleaning Unit M70a Freq. 25/40bar. Two Speed



New High Pressure Mobile Cleaning Unit M70a

Item no: 85693 For DataSheet klick here.

The new Mobile Cleaning Unit M70a is based on the well known M55a but is more powerfull. It has a new power full Frequency controlled pump build in.

It has a high 40 bar pressure capacity....

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