ScanFoam Cleaning Equipment helps to ensure clean foodstuffs

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ScanFoam Cleaning Equipment helps to ensure clean foodstuffs worldwide. We develop and manufacture specialized cleaning equipment for cleaning of food production plants.

Our products are made in stainless steel using foam technology for both manual and fully automated use as well as chain lubrication systems. In the very best quality and made in Denmark.

ScanFoam offers a wide range of products to secure a higher food safety for consumers worldwide:

  • Injectors for cleaning by flushing, foaming and disinfection

  • Automatic Satellites for automatic or manual controlled cleaning by flushing, foaming and disinfection

  • Satellite Center Pumpsets with built-in Injector for cleaning at sites that require cleaning by medium pressure

  • PumpSets that provides boosted water pressure to eg Injectors and Satellites

  • Mobile Cleaning Units for manually controlled cleaning with flushing, foaming and disinfection

  • Light Mobile Injectors mounted on trolley with wheels, for easy transportation

  • Foam Stations, complete cleaning centers including all necessary equipment 

We also offer a wide range of accessories such as guns and ball valve handles, tubes and lances, brackets, quick couplings, nozzles, hoses, hose reels, racks, suction tubes, trollies and spare parts to keep your cleaning equipment on top!

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NEW ScanFoam Hose

makes cleaning extremely quick and efficient!

ScanFoam introduces the perfect hose for an extremely quick and efficient cleaning of food stuffs production.


A more effective cleaning secures a greater degree of food safety

In a better quality at a far lower price!

Read more about the benefits of our new hose here >>