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ScanFoam helps to ensure clean foodstuffs for consumers worldwide. The company develops and manufactures stainless steel cleaning equipment which is used for both manual and fully automated cleaning of food production plant using foam technology.

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The Injectors cover the pressure ranges 2-5; 3-10; 10-50, 50-150 and 100-200bar.

As non standard, new versions with "High Foam" and versions with two simultaneous chemicals are available.

They are manually operated and are very easy to use. All materials are corrosion resistant.

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Sat. Centers

The Sat.Center is a PumpSet with a built in Injector. Option: 2 product inlet.

Also availabe in 40 bar.

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04_pumpset__pdf-pict/89334-0__pumpset_freq_25_125__ie5__au01a__vertical-tubes_pje.pngPumpsets FS & TM

The Frequency controlled PumpSet´s IE5 are compact and designed for easy use and service. They are build for floor or wall mounting and is for sites that require cleaning by medium pressure.

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Double PumpSet IE4Double PumpSet

Frequency controlled PumpSet´s. Start/Stop controlled by the Grundfos Stop-Function

Performance: 25 bar, capacity: 120 / 250 / 420 / 610 L/min

Redundancy. Duty StandBy available.

Available in Pressure feed and TANK feed versions

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04h_pumpset_40bar_single/00a_89241-0__pumpset-freq_ps-40-080_ie5-red_frontpage-illustrat__au01d.jpgPumpSet 40bar

The Frequency controlled HP-PumpSet IE5 are compact and designed for easy use and service.
40 bar is achieveable as Single PumpSet, Tandem PumpSet, Double PumpSet and MPC-multi pump solutions.
A tandem PumpSet is available for TANK feed.

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Mobile Cleaning

The mobile cleaning units:

  •    M10a family for 12 bar cleaning with E-motor
           Max 10 bar option
  •    M11a family for 14 bar cleaning
  •    M55a family for 18 bar cleaning
  •    M60a family for 25 bar cleaning with E-motor
  •    M70a family for 40 bar cleaning with E-motor
           High foam unit available

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Mobile Injector

The Light Mobile Injectors is an injector mounted on a trolley with four wheels.
The trolley has room for one ore two 20 kg chemical cans, the hoses for water and air supply as well as for the included discharge hose 

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08_foam-station__pdf-pict/87420__foam-station_10-50bar_2-products__au01b__400px.jpgFoam Station

The Foam Station is a complete cleaning center including all necessary equipment but a water pressure boosting device. It includes: Stand with room for 2 cans, Injector, Hose reel with a hose, Ball valve handle and a set of tubes.

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Guns and ball valve handles, Tubes and lances, Brackets, Quick couplings, Nozzles, Hoses, Hose reels, Racks, Suction tubes, Trollies etc.

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