NEW ScanFoam Hose, 1/2


NEW ScanFoam hose –
makes cleaning extremely quick and efficient!

ScanFoam introduces the perfect hose for an extremely quick and efficient cleaning of food stuffs production.

A more effective cleaning secures a greater degree of food safety. 

In a better quality at a far lower price!

SAVE from 12% to more than 27% compared to our prior standard hose!

Try is yourself!

New ScanFoam hose 80bar 1/2 

Our new hose is fabricated in food approved material and certified to EU requirements. 

It cleans extremely efficient at 65°C hot water with pressure at 20-25 bar. The hose is very suitable for cleaning with 23°C water at maximum pressure, 80 bar. 

The hose is suitable for all cleaning purposes – with water, foam or for disinfection.


Adding extra benefits and quality to the cleaning process

The texture of the material and high-strength fibers inside creates an utmost flexibility, versatility and smoothness. 

The new ScanFoam hose adds extra benefits and quality to the cleaning process:

        ✔   Faster cleaning due to the large and very fast liquid flow
        ✔   Time saving due to the quick switch between different chemicals
        ✔   More efficient cleaning due to the low friction pressure loss

The high quality and kink resistant of the hose makes it very robust and resistant to contact with all kinds of foods during the production process e.g. lard.

An offer you can't refuse

We made an introduction offer you can't refuse.

Look at this!

          ✔   20-meter excellent high quality ScanFoam hose
          ✔   ½” inside thread
          ✔   With standard BSP thread connection
          ✔   Maximum pressure and temperature at 80 bar/23°C or 25 bar/65°C
          ✔   With standard or stainless steel fittings


ScanFoam Hose, Max 80bar with standard fittings

Product no 87185

SAVE more than 27%!


ScanFoam Hose, Max 80bar with stainless steel fittings

Product no 87253

SAVE more than 12%!


How to order the new ScanFoam hose

Please send your order to and benefit from the higher quality and lower price!

The new ScanFoam hose is also available in many different lengths suitable for all your special cleaning needs.

Choose a hose length between five to thirty-five meters with standard or stainless steel fittings, with ½” inside or outside thread, compatible with all BSP thread connections.

Or request a special hose length. Special made for you.

The new ScanFoam hose also fits complementary cleaning equipment.

Please contact Anders Christensen if you have any special requests. Anders can be reached at and +45 86572599.


Need of more technical details? 

Get detailed technical information about the new ScanFoam hose!

Link to technical data sheet, click here